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A Hack Education Project

I have added a script to my websites today that will block annotations – namely those from Genius and those from Hypothes.is. I have been meaning to do this for a while now, so it’s mostly a project that comes as I procrastinate doing something else rather than one that...

Yesterday, I paid the fifteen bucks to renew this domain. I’d originally thought that I’d let it go, as the MOOC monster seemed to have return to the depths. Although the big MOOC startups – Coursera and Udacity – have raised millions of dollars, with the latter becoming one of...

MOOC-related blogging on Hack Education from 2015: Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2015: Beyond the MOOC Challenging MOOCs Draw Me: A History of MOOCs

This is an old site, but I'm going to start updating it with blog posts (and links to blog posts) about the MOOC monster.